About Us

What We Do

W3DSoft Ltd. is a digital company, part of a multinational group operating in different countries all over the world. We offer innovative, modular and scalable IT solutions to various sectors.
Our aim is to connect people and sectors and make their work simple, fast and digital. In order to achieve this, our young, dynamic and diverse teams of business experts and product developers work together closely, constantly implementing feedback gained from customers and data, to create the solutions our customers really need. We bring together market knowledge, market insight and new technologies to offer efficient and valuable services and help our partners grow. Fairness and respect to our customers are among our core values.

Why We Do It

Technological revolution is a constant process, best observable and at its most rapid in the field of information technology. Digitalization is affecting a large number of processes in various sectors and in life all over the world. It is expected to reshape the economic and social lives of people and to positively impact operation and interactions. We strive to be the answer for each demand.

How It Works

Our work comes together like pieces of a puzzle. We combine those different but compatible pieces and, as a result, we turn their mutual harmony into a complex but wholesome picture. Through modularity, integration and development, we seek continuous improvement.

I. Scoping
Good understanding of the needs and wishes of our partners / customers.
II. Customization
Help partners / customers to create an edge over their competitors.
III. Testing
Customer / Partner verification of the created solution.
IV. Integration
Easy, simple, fast and fully automated integration.

Our Locations & Offices

Our offices are located in Europe. Our business developers and commercial teams are based in Germany.
W3DSoft solution architects and Quality Assurance experts operate from Germany. Our team of IT developers is based in Bulgaria. More than 80% of them are senior developers with proven knowledge and relevant experience.

Relationships are everything.
We would love to hear from you.